New TPC Hosting PaaS Cloud And VPS Users

New TPC Hosting PaaS Cloud And VPS Users

A Complete Onboarding Checklist for New TPC Hosting PaaS Cloud and VPS Users

Congratulations on choosing the for your PaaS Cloud or VPS hosting needs!
Launching a new hosting environment may feel overwhelming, but with the right approach and
guidance, you’ll be on your way to a thriving online presence in no time.
In this practical guide, we provide a comprehensive onboarding checklist for new users of TPC
Hosting’s PaaS Cloud and VPS services. Designed to streamline your onboarding experience
and ensure a smooth transition into your new hosting environment, our checklist covers all the
essential steps, from initial setup to deploying your website or application.
Whether you’re new to web hosting or a seasoned pro, this onboarding checklist is your key to
unlocking the full potential of free cloud paas and VPS offerings. So, let’s dive in and
ensure your hosting experience and online success are off to a flying start.

  1. Set Up Your TPC Hosting Account
    The first step in the onboarding process is to create and configure your TPC Hosting account.
    This involves completing the following tasks:
    ● Sign Up: Register for a TPC Hosting account by selecting your desired
    VPS hosting plan and entering the required information, including billing and contact
    ● Choose a Domain Name: Decide on a suitable domain name for your website or
    application and check its availability. If it’s available, register the domain with TPC
    Hosting or transfer an existing domain if you already own one.
    ● Configure DNS Settings: Update your domain’s DNS settings to point to web Hosting
    nameservers, ensuring visitors can access your website or application once it’s live.
  2. Familiarise Yourself with the Hosting Control Panel
    Once your Hosting account is set up, familiarise yourself with the hosting control panel,
    which will be your primary interface for managing your hosting environment.
    ● Log In: Access your TPC control panel using the login credentials provided
    during the account setup process.
    ● Explore Key Features: Browse through the control panel’s various features and
    functions, including file and database management, email account setups, and resource
    usage monitoring.

● Review Documentation: TPC Hosting offers a wealth of documentation and tutorials to
help you make the most of your hosting control panel and its features. Make sure to
review these resources to ensure that you’re comfortable managing your hosting

  1. Install and Configure Your Website or Application
    With your hosting environment ready, it’s time to install and configure your website or
    ● Choose a CMS or Application Platform: Select the appropriate content management
    system (CMS) or application platform, such as WordPress, Joomla, or Magento, based
    on your specific needs and requirements.
    ● Install the Platform: Use Hosting’s one-click app installer to quickly and easily install
    your chosen CMS or application platform on your hosting environment.
    ● Set Up and Customise: Configure your new website or application to match your desired
    look, feel, and functionality by selecting themes, plugins, or modules that align with your
  2. Test and Optimise Your Website or Application
    Before launching, thoroughly test your website or application to ensure everything functions
    correctly and optimises for performance.
    ● Check for Errors and Broken Links: Review your website or application for any errors,
    such as missing images or broken links, and fix them accordingly.
    ● Test on Multiple Devices and Browsers: Ensure that your website or application
    performs well on all device types and modern web browsers, adjusting as needed to
    achieve optimal user experience.
    ● Optimise for SEO: Implement search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices, such as
    keyword optimisation, proper URL structure, and meta tags, to ensure that search
    engines can easily index and rank your website or application.
  3. Migrate Your Existing Content (If Applicable)
    If you’re transferring an existing website or application to complete a seamless
    migration by following these steps:
    ● Backup Your Current Website or Application: Create a full backup of your existing
    website or application to ensure that you can restore the original files and data if needed.
    ● Transfer Files and Data: Utilise a file transfer tool such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to
    upload your website or application files to your VPS Hosting account. Additionally,
    migrate any databases by exporting them from your old hosting provider and importing
    them into your new TPC Hosting environment.
    ● Update Domain DNS Settings: Update the DNS settings of your domain to point to your

TPC Hosting account, ensuring that visitors are redirected to your migrated website VPS Users

  1. Deploy, Monitor and Maintain Your Website or Application
    With everything in place, it’s time to deploy your website or application and set a course for
    online success.
    ● Deploy Your Website or Application: Make your website or application live by deploying
    it to your TPC Hosting environment. Confirm that it’s accessible via your chosen domain
    ● Monitor Performance and Security: Use TPC Hosting’s monitoring tools to monitor your
    website or application’s performance and security closely. This will help you identify any
    areas for improvement or spot potential threats.
    ● Maintain Regular Backups: Set up automatic backups of your website or application to
    ensure you can quickly restore your files and data in case of an issue or data loss.
    Embark on a Successful Hosting Journey with TPC Hosting
    Our comprehensive onboarding checklist for new PaaS Cloud and VPS users
    ensures a smooth transition into your new hosting environment and a successful online
    presence. By following these essential steps, you can confidently launch and maintain your
    website or application, optimising your hosting experience with powerful features
    and tools.
    Whether you’re building a website or deploying an application, PaaS Cloud and
    VPS offerings provide the ideal infrastructure to support your online ambitions. We ensure that
    your online venture thrives in the digital landscape by prioritising user experience, robust
    security, and optimal performance.
    Ready to embark on your successful hosting journey with TPC software? Learn more about our
    PaaS Cloud and VPS hosting solutions and unleash the full potential of your website or
    application. Get Started Now!
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