Safeguard Your Data With GDPR Compliant Acronis Backup Solutions

  • Protection for more than 20 platforms

  • Pricing based on storage consumption - 0,06 EUR/GB

    Cost Efficient
  • Recovery: instant and universal

  • Secure by design: anti-ransomware protection and encryption


Start Protecting Your Data Today With Acronis’s GDPR Compliant Backup Solutions

A comprehensive Key For Cyber Protection!

Utilize a single yet comprehensive solution, console, and agent for cyber protection abilities that your business needs. Backup capabilities integrated with cyber safety offer the safety that shared information is completely confidential.

  • Easy Backup
  • Possible URL filtering
  • Alerts for any possible threats
  • Safe storage of Data
  • Possible Disaster Recovery
  • Data Protection Guarantee
  • Ransomware Protection Guarantee
  • Notarization of data
  • Secure syncing and sharing of vital files
  • Signature-based and behavioral anti-virus and anti-malware
  • Safety from zero-day attacks and possible threats
  • From unified patch management to vulnerability assessment; a complete endpoint management
Acronis Backup
Best for VPS Servers
Additional: € 0,06 / GB
9,90Per Server / Per Month

*VAT not included

Secure, reliable backup for leading hypervisors:
– VMware vSphere
– Microsoft Hyper-V
– Citrix XenServer
– Red Hat Virtualization (RHV)
– Linux KVM
– Oracle VM
– including TPC VPS Servers

Additional: € 0,06 / GB
5,90Per Month

*VAT not included

Acronis Backup Cyber Protect makes it simple to protect your entire IT environment — including the latest Windows and macOS releases — with one intuitive solution.
Defend your data and ensure business continuity with a unique integration of best-of-breed backup, threat-agnostic anti-malware defenses, and endpoint protection management.

All Storage included
3,20Per Seat / Per Month

*VAT not included

Secure your critical Microsoft 365 and OneDrive data with a flexible and security-minded solution. Back up everything from files and folders to individual email attachments — even access permissions. Restore data as needed in just seconds, avoiding downtime and ensuring business continuity.All data is included, no additional costs per GB.

Additional: € 0,06 / GB
29,90per Server / per Month

*VAT not included

An all-encompassing backup solution is necessary to protect data in the face of increasingly complex IT infrastructures and sophisticated cyber attacks. Data protection is simplified with Acronis Backup Cyber Protect because it combines cutting-edge anti-ransomware technologies with thorough backup functionality.

Additional: € 0,06 / GB
5,90per Server / per Month

*VAT not included

Acronis Hosting Server Backup is a Windows and Linux-friendly data protection solution designed specifically for hosting servers. Its user-friendly interface and versatile backup features make it ideal for restoring an entire hosting environment in the event of a disaster. You can rest easy knowing that your server environment is safe.

All Storage included
3,90per Website / per Month

*VAT not included

Acronis Website Backup protects websites from disasters with its backup and recovery capabilities. It backs up website files, databases, and configurations, making recovery quick and easy. Compatible with various platforms, it is user-friendly with flexible backup options. Keep your online presence secure and accessible with Acronis Website Backup.

Enhance Data Protection With Cloud Server Backup Services


Through performing automated detection of devices, look out for any possible vulnerability in all networks of IT infrastructure.


Implying the best techniques in software updates, management, and security to protect the data!


Check any possible threats and also provide strong defense systems against any ransomware or malware.


Rightly react to any event of a cyber-attack by creating alerts by utilizing Cyber Protection Operations Center and additionally supporting the system.


In case of any data loss, Acronis cyber backup can carry full investigation and rectify the possible faults as well as recover all the lost data in no time.

Protect Your Digital World with Comprehensive Acronis Cyber Security Solution

Acronis Cyber Security is the best software to safeguard your digital information. Our all-inclusive solution provides multiple layers of defense against cyberthreats like viruses, malware, ransomware, and more for both home and business users. There is no better way to keep sensitive data safe than with a solution that can protect multiple computers, mobile phones, and servers. What’s more, this is sweetened by another factor. Our Backup Services already include this, so there’s no need to buy it separately. You can start right now with the knowledge that your data (and your sanity) are safe.

web hosting server
cloud server hosting

Acronis Backup To Cloud For Performance.

When it comes to saving power and resources, Acronis backup to cloud is the way to go. Using sophisticated compression algorithms, it makes backup data smaller, requiring less storage space and less memory and processing power to complete. As a result, your system’s speed and responsiveness won’t be affected while you’re performing backups, and other essential programs and tasks will run more smoothly.

Improve Data Protection With Cloud Server Backup Services!

Even with continuous backup access enormous data safety! Also, get full transparency to protection status.

With TPC Hosting and Acronis Backup, easily broaden backup to MySQL, Oracle DB, SAP HANA, etc.

Protection management made easy.

Why spend more time and money to learn and implement a backup solution? One simple web-based interface makes it easier than ever to set up and manage your backups and protection.

Flexible reporting and monitoring.

Get backup status information, any way you like — advanced reporting and status-monitoring capabilities include customizable widgets, reports, notifications and critical event alerts.

Universal restores to any hardware.

Stop wasting time and money on reinstallation and configuration. Acronis enables system recovery to a variety of physical or virtual platforms — even to new, dissimilar hardware — with just a few clicks.

Integrated anti-ransomware.

Safeguard your data from unauthorized modification, encryption, and ransomware threats with Acronis’ AI-driven anti-ransomware technology. Add advanced anti-malware and antivirus capabilities with Acronis Cyber Protect to any product.

End-to-end encryption.

Protect your data from prying eyes with multi-level encryption that includes per-archive AES-256 encryption and high-grade disk-level encryption in Acronis data centers.

Remote management of multi-tenants.

Manage remote offices, branch offices, and departments easily with the ability to oversee, delegate, and establish separate tenants for multiple administrators.

Monitoring of drive health.

With Acronis Cyber Protect, AI-driven monitoring alerts you to disk issues before they happen, enabling you to take the precautions needed to protect your data.

Malware scans of backup files.

Eliminate the risk of restoring infected files from backups with built-in malware scanning. Acronis Cyber Protect can find and remove any lurking threats — ensuring users restore from a clean, malware-free backup.

Efficient data storage.

Protect more systems while reducing the impact on disk storage and network capacity by capturing only the data that’s changed since the previous backup. Deduplication minimizes storage usage by detecting data repetition and only storing like data once.

Thorough support for all systems

Enable backup for both modern and legacy systems with a single solution, all through one centralized console. Migrate data between different hypervisors, and to/from physical machines or the cloud.

Acronis Instant Restore.

Avoid downtime caused by time-consuming full recoveries. Simply run any Windows or macOS system directly from backup as a virtual machine, on any of six supported hypervisors.

Blockchain-based notarization.

Shield your data from tampering with an extra layer of protection. Powered by advanced blockchain-based technology, the Acronis Cyber Notary feature ensures data integrity.