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DomainPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price
.ro€9.901 €9.90€9.90
.com€12.251 €12.25€12.25
.net€15.901 €15.90€15.90
.org€13.871 €13.87€13.87
.biz€20.501 €20.50€20.50
.info€21.231 €21.23€21.23
.blog€26.501 €26.50€26.50
.site€25.391 €25.39€25.39
.online€33.121 €33.12€33.12
.mobi€26.771 €26.77€26.77
.eu€11.531 €11.53€11.53
.de€7.671 €7.67€7.67
.me€26.501 €26.50€26.50
.io€47.471 €47.47€25.39
.vip€25.391 €25.39€10.49
.us€10.491 €10.49€8.39
.uk€8.391 €8.39€8.88
.tw€33.101 €33.10€8.39
.nl€8.881 €8.88€16.50
.cn€29.751 €29.75€30.91€8.391 €8.39€19.87
.ca€16.501 €16.50€32.02€30.911 €30.91€35.33
.company€19.871 €19.87€22.08
.pw€32.021 €32.02€27.05
.srl€35.331 €35.33€419.51
.app€22.081 €22.08€45.26
.cloud€27.051 €27.05€14.75
.hosting€419.511 €419.51€22.02
.tech€45.261 €45.26€17.66
.at€25.391 €25.39€29.81
.am€121.441 €121.44€18.77
.ac€82.801 €82.80€23.17
.be€14.751 €14.75€25.39
.bz€30.911 €30.91€58.25
.cc€22.021 €22.02€19.32
.ch€17.661 €17.66€60.72
.cm€137.931 €137.93€19.87
.co€29.811 €29.81€18.77€18.771 €18.77€57.41€29.751 €29.75€25.51
.dev€23.171 €23.17€52.99
.fr€14.291 €14.29€101.57€25.391 €25.39€58.251 €58.25
.in€19.321 €19.32
.it€19.871 €19.87
.jp€66.181 €66.18
.la€60.721 €60.72
.li€19.871 €19.87
.ms€48.581 €48.58
.name€18.771 €18.77
.nu€35.271 €35.27
.pe€57.411 €57.41
.pro€25.511 €25.51
.sg€38.641 €38.64
.sh€71.701 €71.70
.tv€52.991 €52.99
.vg€67.341 €67.34
.ws€33.121 €33.12
.xxx€101.571 €101.57

Choose The Perfect Domain Name For Your Business With TPC Hosting!

Domain names are crucial to the success or failure of any business with an online presence. The success of your online presence hinges on many factors, including the domain name you choose, your position in search engine results, and the impression you make on visitors.
TPC Hosting has everything you need to get your business online and establish a professional, trustworthy brand, including a large selection of top-level domains and an intuitive interface.

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Create email addresses with your
own domain. Build trust in your

Create email addresses with your own domain. Build trust in your business.
Send the right message to your customers and partners, using an email address with your own domain. This will add credibility to your business.



Nameservers are devices used for running Domain Name Service (DNS) servers. Their role is to make the connection between the name of a domain that you enter in the browser and the IP of the equipment that provides services to that domain (email, web hosting, FTP, and others). Without setting the correct domain nameservers, it will not be able to point to the device where its files, emails, etc. are hosted.
We offer free DNS service for all domains purchased from us whether or not you have hosting from us.
A domain does not have to be used. They can be parked for the period for which it was paid. Unfortunately, the whole domain system is based on prepaid registration and the paid money cannot be refunded. You must cancel the automatic renewal so that it is not updated at the end of the period for which you paid.
And for .ro domains, the process was updated a few years ago to an annual payment.
Send us an email or a support ticket and we will add it or tell you the status of the extension.
It depends on the market you want to target and the type of your organization. For Romania, it is appropriate to use .ro, for international .com sites, NGOs, and other types of .org non-profit organizations.
There are many other types of domains that you see in our list of possible domains.

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