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TPC Hosting hereinafter referred to as TPC Hosting is a service offered by:

TPC Management s.r.l.

Str. Lahovari 8C,
077016 Dumbraveni, com. Balotesti
County: Ilfov

Fiscal code: RO35691219
Trade Register: J23/2598/2021

Contact: https:/tpc-hosting.com/contact

as a service provider:

The services offered by TPC Hosting are aimed especially at legal entities, legal institutions, etc. that have the legal capacity to be part of a contractual collaboration. That is why the prices are indicated without VAT on the presentation site. Individuals can also contract services, noting that the prices are displayed without VAT, the related VAT is calculated at the end of the order and is displayed in the cart and the steps prior to the completion of the order.

Terms, conditions, and other descriptions of the services offered referred to in this document in the form of external links are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

Any other agreement, terms, or additional conditions require the written consent of both parties.
TPC Hosting is the sole owner of all materials and information available on the website. Customers or visitors to the website will not be able to copy, reproduce, distribute, communicate publicly or retransmit any such material or parts thereof, in any form and by any means.

TPC Hosting reserves the right to suspend services provided in the event of a breach of the provisions below or in the absence of a reasonable response to such breaches.

TPC Hosting also reserves the right to disclose customer information in accordance with the Privacy Policy to meet any legal requirements. If this disclosure is not to be kept confidential the customer will be notified in this regard.

TPC Hosting reserves the right to delete any account with 15 days’ notice.

Any term not presented in this document is open to interpretation and change by TPC Hosting without prior notice.


The prior acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is necessary for any attempt to purchase the services offered by TPC Hosting.
When placing an order, the customer assumes the initiation of a contractual collaboration with TPC Hosting. We will instantly confirm this initiation but this confirmation is not an obligation for the customer or TPC Hosting to continue activating the order.
We reserve the right to accept or decline a customer’s order within one business day after examining the authenticity and level of trust presented by that customer’s order.


These provisions apply to all TPC Hosting customers, owners of any of the packages or services offered on the website and the use of the services provided taking place only under these Terms and Conditions, they apply to all contractual relations between the customer and TPC Hosting.

The law under which these terms and conditions operate is the one valid at the moment of initiating the collaboration.

The services offered by TPC Hosting under the contract are those available on the website https://tpc-hosting.net



Current and valid prices are always available on TPC Hosting. Prices are displayed without VAT, it is calculated when the order is completed.

Depending on the chosen service, the billing period may vary. All payments will be made based on the proforma invoice issued by TPC Hosting.

The customer agrees to pay for the services in advance of the time in which they are provided.
Regardless of the currency used to display the tariffs, invoices and payments will be processed in RON at the NBR exchange rate from the date of invoicing according to the legislation in force.


Invoices are sent electronically by e-mail as an attachment and can be downloaded from the customer’s account at any time.

If the customer requests the transmission of invoices in physical format, the cost of transport will be borne by the customer.


All services will be activated and provisioned after payment is received.
For credit card payment the activation is immediately processed and services are activated in no more than 2 hours. 

In the case of bank transfer payments the services will be activated after receiving the full amount invoiced. This might take from one to multiple days depending on bank transfer times, legal holidays, currencies used and other factors.  You will receive a notification once the payment was registered.

All activations, access data, accounts etc will be sent via e-mail to your e-mail address.


The hosting services offered by TPC Hosting are active by default 7 days after the due date presented on the proforma invoice.

The services that TPC Hosting purchases from other providers (eg domains, licenses, SSL certificates) can be extended only when they are paid, as they have an expiration period equal to the due date on the proforma invoice.

Customers can request a deferred payment for TPC Hosting hosting services at any time.
Accounts of customers who have not paid the fees for providing the service no later than 7 days after the due date presented on the proforma invoice will be automatically suspended in the absence of proof of payment or a request for a postponement.

The proof of payment will result only in the activation/reactivation of the ordered/held services, the fiscal invoice being issued only when the amount paid will be visible in one of the TPC Hosting bank accounts.
TPC Hosting reserves the right to reopen/reactivate the accounts only after full payment of all amounts owed by the customer.


TPC Hosting reserves the right to suspend the customer’s account in case of non-payment of the invoice until the due date indicated on the issued invoice.

If 30 days of non-payment are exceeded, the account together with all the existing data on it will be automatically deleted from the server.
Any subsequent request regarding the obtaining or restoration of the data on the account at the time of deletion, if for this data there is still a backup will be subject to a storage and restoration fee of € 25.00.


The customer has the possibility to upgrade or downgrade the purchased services at any time. For the upgrade, only the difference between the initial package and the one to be upgraded for the remaining period paid in advance of the initial package will be paid. For the downgrade, the remaining credit can be used to extend the related service, but we recommend that you consult the TPC Hosting team about your needs before these operations.

The downgrade operation is only allowed once for a period of 30 days if the process involves migrating and reconfiguring the hosting package.

TPC Hosting reserves the right to charge a one-time fee for changing the features of a hosting package, regardless of how it takes place (upgrade, downgrade, switch to a new offer, etc.). The amount of this one-time fee will be communicated to the customer before carrying out the actual operation.

The services for which values between a minimum and a maximum are used (‘from’ – ‘to’) have the displayed rate for the minimum values. The values available up to the maximum presented can be selected both during the order process and later but only for a fee.


The customer has at any time the right to request a refund for the services paid to TPC Hosting, but their return will be made under the following conditions:

  • if the request is made within 30 calendar days from the activation of the customer’s order, the full amount will be refunded
  • if the request is made more than 30 calendar days after the activation of the customer’s order, only the amount will be refunded for the remaining months
  • if the request has been made for the area in question, the client will only be refunded the amount for the remaining months
  • if the request has been made by the client in question, only the amount will be refunded for the remaining months

If the customer benefits from an offer that includes free services (eg domains, licenses, SSL certificates) their value will be deducted from the total amount to be returned.
The amounts paid for services whose purchase is mediated by TPC Hosting in case of provision or reservation of these services by TPC Hosting will not be refunded. Services that fall into this category include, but are not limited to:

  • registration or renewal of domains,
  • software licenses,
  • SSL certificate,
  • and others.


In the case of offers with free products/services, they can only be used on the TPC Hosting equipment and network. In case of transfer of services to other providers/registrations, the client will be deducted the amounts equivalent to the activation of these services.

TPC Hosting reserves the right to terminate the validity of a promotional offer at any time.
Concerning services provided free of charge, this free of charge usually applies only for the first year of use, and in the second year, the value of the service will be paid if it is desired to extend it.
TPC Hosting may exempt from this rule any services it deems appropriate for an indefinite period.

Tax invoices will be issued only after the amounts paid in the TPC Hosting accounts appear.
Tax invoices will be issued during the working hours of the sales department except for holidays and legal holidays.

In case of violation of the terms and conditions presented, TPC Hosting reserves the right to block the refund of amounts to the customer.

Promotional Coupons

Promotional coupons are structured in several categories depending on the validity period, the possible number of uses, and the date of their launch.

On this page, the promotional coupons available together with the hosting packages/services and the periods to which they apply will be displayed at regular intervals.


Every week from Monday to Sunday a hosting package will be chosen at random to benefit from a promotional coupon. The amount of the discount and the minimum purchase period will vary weekly, thus directly offering the possibility to choose the right package at a reduced rate.



These coupons will only be valid for 24 hours, but the short period of validity will be offset by the higher percentage of the discount compared to the rest of the coupons.


Due to the fact that not all of us have the necessary time resources to identify short-lived coupons, we decided to make offers to all hosting packages available to customers every month. The main factor in this discount will be the billing period and not the chosen package.


Some holidays deserve to be honest! On this occasion, TPC Hosting will offer discount coupons for the entire range of web hosting/services.


Unlike the rest of the coupons presented above, they are not limited in terms of time, but by the number of uses. Once each coupon in this category is exhausted, it will not be reusable.
General conditions for using promotional coupons:

  • Promotional coupons are available to all individuals and legal entities
  • the discount will only be applied to new hosting orders
  • the activity of the site must comply with the TPC Hosting Terms and Conditions of Use
  • coupons cannot be applied retroactively
  • coupons may not be linked to other coupons or other discounts offered by TPC Hosting or third parties
  • coupons apply only to the first period purchased
  • coupons apply only to TPC Hosting hosting packages and private servers
  • the services/products offered free of charge in the purchased hosting package are not affected by the discount
  • coupons do not apply to upgrade orders


Regarding the relationship in terms of domain name registration/renewal, our liability is limited to providing the domain name acquisition/renewal service.
TPC Hosting cannot and will not check the legality of the domain name registration, the only verification performed by TPC Hosting being the availability of the domain for registration.

Verification of the domain name chosen for registration regarding the infringement of certain laws as well as the infringement of the intellectual property rights of third parties is the responsibility of the client.
Unless otherwise provided either by providing separate data through the order form or written communication to TPC Hosting, the registration of domains will take place on the existing identification data in the customer account. The client, therefore, becomes both the rightful owner of the registered domains and responsible before the law for them.

The current domain allocation is not under the influence or control of TPC Hosting, and the customer can be sure that the registration/renewal took place only when this operation was confirmed by us.
TPC Hosting does not assume any responsibility and does not offer any guarantee regarding the registration/renewal of domains.
Domain extensions are managed by a multitude of different organizations. Each of these organizations has its own terms of registration, administration, and dispute.

For a successful registration/renewal to take place, the customer will have to provide the respective information and documents requested by the members of the TPC Hosting team as well as follow their instructions closely.
The detailed requirements for each extension provided by TPC Hosting can be seen by accessing domain terms
We recommend that the payment of the renewal of the domains take place before the due date presented on the invoice, respectively the expiration term to avoid situations in which the domain will not be able to be renewed.

If the domain is paid after the due / expiration date, TPC Hosting does not assume responsibility for the additional fees requested by the registrar regarding the reactivation/renewal of the domain.
TPC Hosting assumes no responsibility for the availability of domain names between the time elapsed since the order was placed and the actual payment for domain registration.


TPC Hosting cannot be held liable for damage caused by the temporary unavailability of equipment or the network, whatever the reason for this interruption. This provision also includes damage resulting from damage or loss of data.

The customer agrees to warrant and hold us innocent in connection with any claims, damages, including, but not limited to, damages caused to third parties, resulting as a result of using the services causing damages to our customer.

TPC Hosting assumes responsibility if the interruption of the provision of services was intentionally caused or is the result of negligence on the part of the TPC Hosting team. The customer declares that he understands and accepts that the total amount of damages requested by him for any reason from TPC Hosting and which could be paid by TPC Hosting, will not be able to exceed in any way and in any case, the total amount of fees paid by the customer to the provider on the last invoice regarding the provision of services for which damages are requested.

The customer assumes responsibility for any damage caused by TPC Hosting directly or indirectly, by incorrect use of the services provided, respectively or violation of these terms and conditions. This includes but is not limited to legal fees, attorney’s fees, notary fees, and any other expenses.

TPC Hosting offers through the website tutorials, configuration examples, and answers on various aspects of the operation of services, applications, operating systems, control panels, etc. All information in these articles has been tested and determined to be valid at the time of its publication, on the modes of operation at that time, the versions of the applications available at that time, and on the basis of existing documentation. TPC Hosting does not guarantee the achievement of the functionality presented or desired as a result of the steps presented in the articles at a later date, on other configurations and other versions of the applications and therefore does not assume responsibility for any damages that may arise from the application of the information presented in the articles.

Data integrity

In the case of shared hosting accounts and Servers managed by us, we are responsible for the security of the server but not of the applications installed by the client.
TPC Hosting assumes no responsibility for security breaches in customer applications and any damage caused by their operation. The responsibility for this lies with the administrator and the developer of the application.
TPC Hosting assumes no responsibility for the protection of personal electronic devices used to access contracted accounts/services. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that both applications installed/used on hosting accounts and their own devices are up to date and secure.
The customer will have access to accounts through a combination of username and password or digital certificates as appropriate. He is responsible for keeping this data and other sensitive information safe.
The customer will be responsible for any abuse made by the authorized or unauthorized use of this data. If it finds out that an unauthorized third party is aware of this data, it must reset it immediately. If this cannot be done, please contact us via a support ticket.
A description of the conditions under which the backup is performed and maintained is available at the TPC Hosting backup address.
It should be noted that we do not offer any guarantee for the integrity of the backups and the sole responsible for the existence of a backup of the data is the owner of the data.

Support / Assistance

Each TPC Hosting client regardless of the contracted service will benefit from support through the methods and in the time interval presented on the contact page.
Response time may vary depending on the complexity of the issue and the level of support requests open at a time.

TPC Hosting tries to offer a response time as short as possible for requests sent by email but sometimes this period can increase up to 60 minutes.
The exchange of information by phone or through the support application, although it takes place in real-time, does not guarantee an immediate resolution of the situation presented.

Telephone support

Situations that require telephone calls lasting more than 10-15 minutes will be directed for a resolution to alternative support channels.

Data migration

Migration or data transfer is an operation that does not involve any cost and is supported by the TPC Hosting team as long as it takes place to or between TPC Hosting servers (managed).

If this operation must be resumed/repeated as a result of an action or inaction performed / not performed by the customer despite the instructions received, TPC Hosting reserves the right to refuse or charge a fee for repeating the subsequent transfer operation.

In this situation, the customer can choose to transfer the data himself or to pay a transfer fee of 10.00 €.
The support provided by the members of the TPC Hosting technical team is restricted to the operation of the services offered.
Support on:

  • installing and configuring various applications
  • installation and configuration of various devices
  • updating different applications
  • optimization and security of different applications

It does not fall under the direct responsibility of TPC Hosting unless expressly stated otherwise.
The support offered in this regard will be provided within the time available and the knowledge, respectively the experience gained both in that field and in terms of the application/device presented.

Virtual Private Server – VPS Managed by TPC Hosting

The administration offered free of charge by TPC Hosting for customer VPSs refers to and is strictly limited to the services and applications necessary for the operation of a standard hosting server.
Among the services and applications, we list: web server, mail server, database server, control panel, FTP server, programming languages needed to run client applications.

Within the categories of services and applications, a limitation will also apply to the services and applications with which the members of the TPC Hosting team have experience.

Any request outside this scope will be considered as an additional service/application installation/configuration request and will be charged as such.
This administration includes the installation, configuration, updating, and constant monitoring of these services/applications to ensure the continuity of their operation to the highest standards.

Customers who want to install or configure additional services/applications and/or replace the services/applications installed by TPC Hosting regardless of whether or not they are part of the category of initial services/applications will be charged for the required operations.

This invoicing will be done by the hour, with a rate of 15.00 €/hour and with a minimum charging period of one hour.
Any subsequent intervention on the service/application will be subject to the same fee.

Virtual Private Server – VPS Managed by the Client

Customers who take responsibility for managing VPS servers do not receive support from the TPC Hosting technical team. In particular, all aspects of server security are the responsibility of the client. The servers are directly connected to the Internet with a valid IP address and are fully accessible and unrestricted. We recommend using a firewall and securing access according to good practices in the field (without root login, non-standard username, use of certificates, etc.)

TPC Hosting will take over the administration of these servers only under certain conditions and by paying a € 25.00 monthly fee.
The rest of the services/applications installed on the server will be subject to a separate analysis in order to take over, the operation being subject to an hourly billing with a tariff of 15.00 € / hour and a minimum billing period of one hour.

The VPS managed by TPC Hosting benefits from optimizations at the level of services/applications as well as various integrations to automate certain tasks related to the proper functioning of the services installed on the VPS.
For this reason, customers who want to take over the administration will be provided with a new VPS with the operating system installed and they will install the necessary services and transfer their data to the previous VPS.

Customers of shared hosting packages as well as customers of managed VPS services benefit from the services described on the Security page.
The installation of software or additional libraries in shared environments, respectively on VPS, will be done only after a detailed analysis of the changes and risks that these additions represent. TPC Hosting reserves the right to refuse the installation of new applications, libraries, etc.

At the level of a shared server, TPC Hosting reserves the right not to implement changes that would affect all customers, this includes but is not limited to services running on the server (Web, FTP, E-mail, databases). However, if certain requests can be implemented on the VPS, the client will be recommended to switch to that service.

TPC Hosting reserves the right to discontinue customer support in exceptional cases, such as:

  • abuse of software administration requirements
  • indecent language and behavior of any kind to TPC Hosting team members

It does not fall under the direct responsibility of TPC Hosting unless expressly stated otherwise.
The support offered in this regard will be provided within the time available and the knowledge, respectively the experience gained both in that field and in terms of the application/device presented.

Reseller plan/VPS plan

The customer has the right to his own contractual relations based on the online presence provided by TPC Hosting. In this case, the client remains from our point of view the main contractual partner. The customer is obliged to pass on the terms and conditions set out in this document to all third parties with whom it deals and to ensure that they understand, accept, and comply with them.

In case of changes are to be made to the reseller/VPS owner’s customers, he is obliged to cooperate. Upon request, he must provide us with the contact details of his clients.
TPC Hosting reserves the right to directly request written confirmation for any changes to be made to the reseller/VPS owner’s customers.
The reseller/VPS holder is responsible for any violation of the terms and conditions made by its customers. It also includes financial liability for any damage caused as a result of such infringements.

The reseller/VPS holder agrees to absolve TPC Hosting of all claims that may arise from third parties and other contractual partners thereof.

Content Policy

The services offered by TPC Hosting give you the freedom to upload, deploy, and operate applications for both private and commercial use.
Use of various applications through TPC Hosting services is subject to the Terms and Conditions of those applications.
It is the client’s responsibility to identify his own information and that of other individuals, legal entities, and any other entities.

Compliance with and compliance with copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property is the responsibility of the customer and the customer, therefore, undertakes not to publish content that may infringe the rights of third parties or applicable laws.

Under no circumstances and under no circumstances will the services provided by TPC Hosting be used to communicate, refer to or direct to any of the following:

  • materials or information content that infringes copyright, trademark rights and any other intellectual property rights belonging to a third party
  • nudity, pornography, any image or text with sexual or obscene content, without respecting the legal conditions in force
  • child pornography
  • threats, abuse, harassment, slanderous statements
  • any image or text intended to encourage xenophobia;
  • text or materials of a violent nature
  • defamatory, insulting, denigrating or slanderous content
  • racial or discriminatory content
  • misleading, false, confusing or fraudulent content
  • content that invades the privacy of a third party or violates its legal rights
  • vulgar, obscene, indecent or illegal content
  • viruses, Trojans, malware or the like
  • pirated software or addressing those who pirate software or engage in any similar activities

It does not fall under the direct responsibility of TPC Hosting unless expressly stated otherwise.
The support offered in this regard will be provided within the time available and the knowledge, respectively the experience gained both in that field and in terms of the apThe customer undertakes to respond to TPC Hosting’s requests regarding complaints made by third parties regarding the content of the site within 5 days of receiving the e-mail notification.

TPC Hosting is not obliged to check or review the content published by customers.
TPC Hosting reserves the right to remove or modify at its discretion any customer content that is determined to violate these terms and conditions with prior notice.
TPC Hosting reserves the right to suspend the account of any customer who violates these provisions without prior notice.

If the customer collects/processes personal data, it is his responsibility to ensure that this collection/processing is in accordance with the legislation in force.


Fair Use Policy

This policy is necessary to protect the quality of all services provided to customers.
We want to meet the requirements of all our customers by offering quality, secure, high-performance, and stable services, an objective that can be achieved including customer support.

The way in which the client uses the services provided by TPC Hosting is closely related to the proper functioning of the equipment and the network, being necessary to ensure an adequate environment for the provision of hosting facilities and other services.

  • We do not allow the use of programs that run continuously in the background.
  • We do not allow running scripts through times set to intervals of less than 5 minutes.
  • We do not allow the use of CGI scripts.

The following activities are prohibited:

  • use of TPC Hosting services in order to create or transmit computer viruses, worms, flooding, mail bombing or engage in denial of service attacks
  • use of proxy or IRC scripts, or FormMail, PhpShell or similar, including commercial scripts containing known security holes, Chat rooms, wap chats; IRC Egg Drops bots, torrent trackers, etc., top sites, online games.
  • collection of personal information for illegal use
  • unauthorized access to data, systems or networks (proxy, hacking, sniffing, phishing, spoofing, etc.), including any attempt to test, scan or test the vulnerability of the system or network or to create security breaches without the permission of the network or system owner
  • any intervention on the service provided to a user, on a server or networks such as: mail bombing, flooding, deliberate actions of overcrowding the system
  • falsification of TCP-IP packets
  • to upload virus-infected, corrupt files, or any other similar software or applications that may harm a third party
  • to restrict or prevent any other user from using TPC Hosting services
  • to collect or collect information or e-mail addresses of third parties without their consent

Any attempt to harm servers or clients is strictly prohibited. Any activity that affects the proper functioning of the server will be considered abuse and will be considered as an attempt to harm other placed clients.
Any script that poses a potential security risk or may affect server performance or network security will be automatically shut down or removed without notice.

TPC Hosting reserves the right to act quickly to remove, block or reset access to any account, application, activity, or information that by its nature may affect the operation of the respective equipment of the TPC Hosting network or may harm the rights of a third party.


In order for the electronic message exchange to work properly, the following provisions must be taken into account by the customer.
According to the legal provisions, it is forbidden to make commercial communications by e-mail, unless the recipient has previously expressed his express consent to receive such communications.

Mailing list/Newsletter

Email lists may be operated provided that persons give their express consent to this, which must be recorded by the list operator and kept for the life of the mailing list.
TPC Hosting requires that any commercial mail or as part of a mailing list contain simple and visible “double opt-in/double opt-out” options.

The massive sending of emails determines the consumption of a server’s resources, this action has a negative impact on the quality of the services received by the client and therefore we have some recommendations in this regard:

  • sending should be done early in the morning (until 09:00) or in the evening after 22:00
  • sending should be limited to a few tens of emails/minute

Failure to follow these recommendations may result in:

  • email server congestion due to very high request flow, in some cases mail server crash
  • blacklisting the IP from which it is sent to multiple spam lists, with repercussions on all clients hosting applications on the server in question
  • very low ranking at the level of email services such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc
  • a great welcome in sending emails
  • delivery to other email servers may become impossible
  • affecting all networked clients due to server malfunction.

TPC Hosting does not limit the number of emails that can be sent per hour but monitors SMTP traffic and reserves the right to intervene including by deleting sent messages and contacting the customer if we consider that a certain sending does not fall in volume in the package. Purchased services are detrimental to the operation of the server.
If the client has a mailing list, it is recommended to contact TPC Hosting in order to establish a good referral practice, respectively to be part of an optimal service package.
The limit of an attachment through the TPC Hosting email system is 30MB.
The maximum number of recipients of a message is 25.
For e-mail services offered additionally, you can see the limits on the product page: Office 365, Open-Exchange, etc.
We do not recommend/allow referrals with a larger number of CC/BCC subscribers because if only one address of the recipients is wrong / the whole message will remain blocked on the server.
In order to prevent any negative effects on the operation of the services, TPC Hosting reserves the right to limit at any time certain parameters of the email service offered to customers.
We encourage you to use dedicated systems for sending mass communications via e-mail/newsletters.

Anti Spam Policy

Sending unsolicited commercial messages (SPAM) to promote any site using our servers or through third-party servers to promote any site or application hosted on the TPC Hosting network will result in the suspension or cancellation of the customer’s hosting account, without notice to advance.
TPC Hosting does not allow the use of its services directly or indirectly for sending, transmitting, handling or delivering email messages:

  • unsolicited (spam) in violation of any existing law in this regard
  • sending virus-doors, malware, phishing, etc.
  • to email addresses obtained by harvesting methods
  • to addresses that are incomplete or inaccurate
  • which are not subject to industry best practices
  • to lists purchased, rented or borrowed
  • to lists that will generate a large number of SPAM complaints
  • to addresses that will lead to IP listing in blacklists
  • which use or contain forged headers
  • which use or contain non-existent domain names
  • which hide or try to complicate finding out the point of origin of the transmission
  • using other misleading addressing methods
  • who use the domain name of a third party without their consent
  • sent through a third party server without their consent
  • containing false or confusing information

The Customer undertakes to respond to TPC Hosting’s requests regarding the complaints made by third parties regarding its activity within 5 days from the sending of the notification.
TPC Hosting reserves the right to request at any time proof of the consent given by the subscriber to the operator of the message sending list.
TPC Hosting reserves the right to request from the list operator the subscription/unsubscription methods presented to subscribers.
TPC Hosting reserves the right to suspend the activity of the account if these provisions are not complied with.

Send/receive mail

TPC Hosting cannot guarantee the delivery of emails sent from the respective devices to the TPC Hosting network in the Inbox of the recipients.
TPC Hosting also cannot guarantee the delivery of emails regardless of the location of the sender/recipient (internal/external to the TPC Hosting network).
Sending or receiving an email can be affected by several internal or external factors, including:

  • mailboxes with no space available that can no longer receive messages
  • Sending IPs included in various blacklists whose connection to the destination mail server is blocked
  • malfunctions regarding the sending/receiving mail servers
  • internal/external network malfunctions
  • mail servers with aggressive spam filters
  • email content considered spam by the recipient/sender server
  • attachments that exceed the size supported by the sender/recipient mail server
  • temporary rejections of email messages due to greylisting policies
  • and so on

Dedicated IP

The status of dedicated IPs assigned to customers is checked in advance before the actual allocation.
Verification includes but is not limited to: the status of the IP in various blacklists, its reputation, and so on.

Therefore, the subsequent allocation and change of the IP will be made only for well-founded reasons. This is especially required for IPv4 addresses, which are currently limited in the European space. You can find more information on the RIPE website. We also want to mention that we reserve the right to assign IP addresses from the IPv6 space, which have no limitations and work the same as IPv4.

The request to change an IP may be refused or charged if, as a result of the actions taken by the customer, the status or reputation of the IP has been affected.
The cost of the change will be equivalent to the IP allocation fee for the remainder of the hosting period.


Each shared hosting account has its own resources depending on the type of package purchased. The detailed list of these resources can be seen by accessing the resource usage page
All accounts are monitored to track their resource consumption.

TPC Hosting reserves the right to contact the customer for an upgrade of the held package or with suggestions for performance improvement if one or all of the resources of the held hosting account are often used to their full capacity.

Files larger than 500 MB cannot be stored on shared hosting accounts, except for backing up your account.

TPC Hosting services cannot be used for streaming audio, video, file sharing, image sharing.
It is also forbidden to use our servers as a storage medium (eg movies, mp3, pictures, archives, software kits, etc.)

TPC Hosting reserves the right to suspend without prior notice applications or accounts whose activity hinders or affects in any respect the proper functioning of the server.
The Reseller Plan allows you to create/add a free number of 10 hosting accounts, including the reseller account itself. Customers who want to create/add a larger number of accounts have the opportunity to purchase higher than the default limits.

In the case of VPS managed by TPC Hosting, the control panel license installed on the VPS may impose a limitation on the number of accounts and/or domains that may be created under that license. This limitation may be modified and/or removed at any time by downgrading/upgrading the license related to the control panel.


This document is valid for an indefinite period.
TPC Hosting reserves the right to make changes to this document, which is why customers are asked to consult it periodically.
If you have any additional questions please contact us.