MySQL / MariaDB Database Hosting

MySQL/MariaDB database hosting with TPC Cloud Hosting PaaS is a powerful and reliable way to store your data in the cloud. It is a secure, fast, and cost-effective solution that allows businesses to store their data in the cloud with the added benefit of scalability, high availability, and redundancy. With its easy-to-use interface, businesses can quickly and easily manage their MySQL/MariaDB databases. Additionally, businesses can take advantage of TPC Cloud Hosting PaaS’s 24/7 customer support, allowing them to quickly and easily resolve any problems they may experience with their databases.

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Unleash The Power Of MariaDB / MySQL With TPC Cloud Hosting PaaS For Improved Performance And Security

TPC Cloud Hosting PaaS is the perfect choice for businesses looking for a reliable, secure, and cost-effective solution for MySQL/MariaDB database hosting. It provides a platform for hosting databases of any size, from small to large, with no extra hardware or software needed. TPC Cloud Hosting PaaS offers a wide range of advantages such as:

    1. Scalability: TPC Cloud Hosting PaaS enables businesses to easily scale their MySQL/MariaDB databases as their needs change. This provides businesses with the flexibility to quickly add or remove resources to meet their unique storage requirements.
    2. High Performance: TPC Cloud Hosting PaaS provides businesses with high-performance servers that are optimized for MySQL/MariaDB databases. This ensures that businesses can access their data quickly and securely without any latency issues.
    3. Security: TPC Cloud Hosting PaaS provides businesses with a secure environment for storing and managing their MySQL/MariaDB databases. It offers built-in security measures such as authentication and authorization, data encryption, and data backups.
    4. Cost Savings: TPC Cloud Hosting PaaS offers businesses a cost-effective solution for MySQL/MariaDB database hosting.


SQL servers are used in critical applications where data integrity is paramount. You can create Primary-Primary, Primary-N x Secondary, Galera clusters, etc. in one click.


Choose the version of your choice

MySQL CE 8.0.x5.7.x, …

MariaDB 10.9.x10.8.x10.7.x10.6,x, …


Automatically deploy your database (MySQL / MariaDB) and phpMyAdmin. You can focus on building your website instead of managing the infrastructure.

Quick start

Quickly deploy different types of databases from the user-friendly web interface, API or via our CLI in just a few clicks.

Automatic backups

Not only do you benefit from a daily backup, but also from a 14-day retention period, giving you a higher level of protection against data loss or failure.

Easy to update

Update your database in a few clicks. All without any additional intervention on your part.

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