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TPC Hosting Offers PHP hosting with latest version, MySQL/PostgreSQL database, load balancers, scripting, debugging tools, Apache/NGINX/LiteSpeed Web Servers, and web frameworks for smooth and effective website operation with easy development.

PHP Development Technology

Secure Your Website With Reliable PHP Hosting Solutions

PHP hosting is an essential tool for any website that wishes to use the PHP programming language and the MySQL database environment. PHP is a powerful and versatile language that allows developers to create dynamic and interactive web applications and websites. With PHP, developers can create user interfaces, data-driven websites, and even interactive games. PHP hosting provides the necessary infrastructure for these applications and websites to run smoothly and effectively.

PHP is a popular language that is used by over 80% of websites across the internet. Because of its popularity, it is essential that all websites use the best possible PHP hosting available. Good PHP hosting will provide the necessary tools and resources to ensure that websites run quickly, securely, and efficiently. It will also include a reliable and secure database environment so that websites can store and manage their data safely.

Additionally, good PHP hosting will provide a variety of features and tools that can help developers create powerful and interactive web applications. These features can include built-in scripting, debugging tools, and even web frameworks to help developers quickly and easily create dynamic websites.

Finally, PHP hosting is essential for any website that wishes to use the PHP language and the MySQL database environment. With TPC Hosting developers can create powerful, dynamic, and interactive websites.

All PHP-based Solutions are pre-configured on the TPC Cloud Marketplace (WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Magnolia, etc.)

Creating A PHP Server

Deploy PHP code on Apache, LiteSpeed or NGINX servers using GIT, SVN, FTP, archive without downtime.You can dynamically add/remove databases, load balancers, PPH cloudlets, virtual machines and many more options.Choose the PHP version of your choice: 8.x.x8.0.x7.4.x
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Creating A PHP Server

Freedom Of development

Quickly deploy PHP code to different servers with Apache, LiteSpeed, or NGINX without compromising performance or speed.

High Flexibility

Manage the resources allocated to each server individually, paying only for what you use.

Continuous Deployment

Deploy PHP code with every change with Git, SVN, FTP, SFTP, URL, and Archive integration.


Daily server backup is free with a 14-day retention period. Don’t worry about the security of your data!

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