Redis Hosting

Host your Redis database on the TPC Cloud Platform. Enjoy automatic backups, SSD storage, uninterrupted performance and secure firewall protection.

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Peace Of Mind

Built on an enterprise-class infrastructure, our Redis hosting service is robust enough to handle the heaviest of workloads.


 You will never lack availability and performance thanks to vertical scaling.

Upgrade Your Database

Increase or decrease the size of your database resources as needed, even on live production sites. We will automatically configure Redis.

Why Choose TPC?

Professional Accommodation

Hosting on several servers in a cluster guarantees availability at all times.

Real-Time Hosting Monitoring

Stay informed about the health of your Redis database. With real-time monitoring and administration, we keep an eye on resource usage, network connections and database activity.

Maintenance Plans

Easily increase and decrease capacity, without downtime, as your database grows or shrinks.

We offer Redis database hosting plans from 2.21 EUR/month.


Enjoy a 99.95% uptime guarantee with our Redis hosting.

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