Secured Acronis File Sync and Share with TPC Hosting!

Advanced File sharing solutions for businesses extend the secure file-sharing capabilities of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with remote notarization, authentication, as well as eSigning. Access File Sync and Sharing to enhance productivity and reduce possible forgery with ensured data authenticity.

Cyber Safety For Secure File Sync And Share!

With Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, get the liberty to securely create and share your confidential data, anywhere, anytime, and from almost any device! It facilitates malware protection, easy recovery, and continuous backup, as well as endpoint protection management with effortless file sharing. To benefit from services like remote notarization, authentication, as well as online signing, add Advanced File Sync and Share pack!

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Specially Designed For Secure Cloud File Sharing!

Efficient, effortless, and protected file syncing and sharing service, precisely devised to facilitate confidentiality, authenticity, and data protection, in order to protect from harmful threats and regulations!

Maintain Authenticity Of business Data

    • Easily develop blockchain-based, time-stamped certificates.
    • Through the digitalization of the whole notarization process, enhance the pace and growth of the business.
    • No need to consider and hire a third party for guaranteeing data immutability.
    • Deter chances of any potential fraud and forgery! As there is no possibility of malicious activity like falsifying records or destroying entries.

Easily Secure And Simplify The Workflow

    • Easy eSignature insertion on extremely vital documents enables quick client sign-off and converts data into decisions!
    • Due to full transparency get full visibility and access to the complete status of the signing process.
    • Easily facilitate compliance with administrative parties and address concerns related to privacy through data encryption and rigid global security standards.

Possible Independent And Trusted File Authentication

    • Reduce the necessary auditing period as well as the cost.
    • Effortlessly merge the necessary data verification process within the notarization and eSignature steps.
    • A complete audit trail along with the complete transaction history at the firm level.
    • With the leverage of the unique Ethereum blockchain, check whether the document is altered or not and lastly confirm the absence of any alteration.

Quick Development And Easy-To-Use Interface!

    • Eliminate the additional configurations requirement and limit the necessary deployment time for file sync and share.
    • Take most out of auto-update functionality.
    • Easy earnings with competitive pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pricing.