Modern Hosting Solution For Small Businesses

Manage your company’s hosting using best practices through a simplified management interface. Our hosting services are tailored to reduce your IT costs without compromising security or performance.

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Suitable Hosting For All

Suitable Hosting For All


Leverage the specialized insights and personalized guidance offered by your advisor. Our professional team remains accessible and ready to assist you throughout the day.


Enjoy the liberty to adjust your performance and compensation without the hassle of extensive planning, allowing flexibility to meet evolving needs effortlessly.


A dual infrastructure of distinct data centers, each meticulously certified to international standards such as ISO 27001, maintains speed, stability, and security. The dual setup ensures redundancy and compliance, reinforcing our commitment to delivering high-performance, stable, secure services.

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Access To Applications Right At Your Fingertips

Revolutionize the way you interact with digital applications with our innovative solution. By bringing accessibility to a new level, our platform ensures that every app you need is within easy reach, empowering you to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively.

Seamlessly integrated and user-friendly, our system simplifies the complexity of managing multiple applications, allowing SMEs to focus on what truly matters. Experience the convenience of having all your tools just a tap away and unleash your productivity potential like never before.

Control Your Expenses

Web hosting is one of the biggest recurring costs of running a business, so why not pay only for what you need? With affordable usage-based pricing, you only spend what you need, when you need it.

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The TPC Technique

Modernity, Security, And Quickness

TPC Hosting

Your website is always up and running quickly because our storage spaces and servers work together.

Scalable Effectiveness

Drive scalable effectiveness with our cutting-edge solutions. Transform your business for sustainable growth. Explore our strategies today!

HTTP/2 protocol

Even when utilizing HTTPS, the HTTP/2 protocol optimizes performance and lowers latency, allowing for faster page loads!

Offered SSL Certificates

Get reliable SSL certificates to secure your website. Ensure data protection and build trust with our diverse offerings for secure online transactions.

Protection Against Denial-Of-Service Attacks

Shield your system or network from disruptive Denial-of-Service (DoS) assaults by implementing efficient traffic management protocols and security measures.

Data Backup

Automatic data storage lasts for 14 days.

Today's latest Technological Advancements

Stay ahead with today’s latest technological advancements! Discover cutting-edge innovations shaping our world. Explore breakthroughs in AI, robotics, renewable energy, and more.

Outdated Technology

While supporting more antiquated technologies (such as PHP 7.4 and 8.1), we are dedicated to being up-to-date with technology.

Mobile Program

Use the TPC mobile program to manage your environments anytime and from any location.

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