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Everything you need and maybe even more to be present online!

Start-up, Micro, SME or large enterprise, we have solutions for any size! Everything is secure, efficient and helpful whenever you need it.



Try us for 30 days absolutely risk-free! You are completely protected by our no-risk guarantee program. If by any means you decide to cancel your account over the next 30 days, you’ll receive an instant refund, no questions asked. (Domains and SSL Certificates are excluded)

What can we do for you

Running a business can be a challenge, to help you, we offer an online site creation system with images included and e-mail with each domain name and much more. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE!

Ultra fast cloud hosting

Benefits of the Cloud + Simplicity of Shared Hosting

  •  SSDs for maximum performance
  •  Basic SSL certificate included
  •  Daily backup
  •  Imunify 360
  •  Cloud Linux OS
  •  Web Server Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed
  •  PHP 5.3x, 5.4x, Perl, Python
  • Free DNS administration
  • DDoS Protection at network level
  • MySQL 5
  • Spam & Virus Protection
  • Secure FTP access
  • Integrated administration interface
  • Access phpMyAdmin
  • Professional webmail system
  • and more…


Designed for Uninterrupted

Network & Security

Stability, security &


Resilience and Redundancy
at All Levels

Install popular applications in seconds

Choose from over 400 quick-to-install applications including popular bolgging and content management systems like WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal; E-commerce solutions such as osCommerce, OpenCart and PrestaShop; and a huge variety of other popular software titles including phpBB, Open Web Analytics, and Moodle. All these and more are available as standard with our Home Pro and Business Pro packages.


Keep your sites secure with a

free SSL certificate!

An SSL certificate creates a secure tunnel through which information including usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and more can pass safely.

All our web hosting packages have basic SSL certificate included.

E-Mail solutions

All our hosting packages have an e-mail solution included in the price, for your domain(s). In addition to the standard solution, we also offer other E-Mail solutions with other technical specifications, from established providers of e-mail solutions with higher specifications than those in the hosting packages.

Here you can find more information about them:

Advanced security

All our systems are in secure data centers in the European Union. We use professional technologies to be sure we use the most secure hosting environments for any hosting package.

Securitate avansata

Among the technologies used we list:

  • Imunify360
  • Acronis Cyber Protect
  • Sophos Intercept X for Server
  • Cloud Linux

Our hosting gives you security

Running a business can be a challenge, so we come to your aid and offer you a FREE site builder, images and email for every domain purchased. And of course technical support for any kind of technical problems.

Free Domain Name

All our annual plans include a free domain (.ro, .com, .eu), so you get everything you need to move your new business online at the price of the hosting package.

Free Personalised email

Create an email address that matches your domain to give your business a pofessional look. It’s super easy to purchase extra mailboxes if you require more than one.

Free Basic SSL Certificate

We offer an SSL certificate for all sites managed through the purchased hosting package, including email and all services offered.

Free Daily Backup

We always have a copy of your site to give you security. You can always order more backup space if you need it.

Free Site Migration

Our experts will migrate any existing hosting account without any problems or additional fees.

One-Click WordPress Install

Install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and over 400 web applications. Quick installation that does not require previous technical knowledge.

How It Works?

Start building your website in minutes.



Complete the checkout process, taking advantage of the limited offer. The entire process will take just a minute!


Set up your account

The transfer and configuration process only takes a minute! Choose to create a new one or transfer your account


Experience power

Take advantage of the latest web hosting technologies, add power to your project and reap the benefits.




What offers can I choose?2021-11-26T20:57:26+02:00

You can choose anything from the online store. Packages can be combined, if you do not find what you are looking for, you can contact us.

We want you to be very satisfied with any of our services: domains, hosting, virtual servers with many variants between memory size and processors, dedicated server, SSL certificates, E-mail, Office 365, and many other adjacent products.

Why do I pay if I just want to test it?2021-11-26T20:57:29+02:00

In order to be able to offer competitive services at an advantageous price, we must use automation, reduce cases of fraud, maintain the security of our systems. All these reasons make it necessary to create authorized accounts of existing entities really interested in our services.

Without payment, we cannot validate the existence/ identity of a contract partner. Obviously, we have other automatic validation systems, but the safest is by payment.

When is the account activated?2021-11-26T20:57:32+02:00

The account is activated when payments are registered in our systems.

For payments by credit card or PayPal, it activates immediately, for payments by bank transfer, on the day the money enters our account.

How do I access the 30 days warranty?2021-11-26T20:57:35+02:00

Simply create a support ticket with your request and we will take care of it. You don’t have to write down any specific reason.

However, there are certain services to which we cannot return the money:

domains/ here the payment is made for 1 or more years in advance and there is no return process at the level of the entire industry.
Paid SSL certificates are issued for one year and cannot be returned

I purchased a web hosting; what should I do now?2021-11-26T20:57:39+02:00

The first thing you need to do is to upload the website online. You have everything that is needed to create 5 pages directly from the browser or any other web editor program but you can also hire a specialized company to do the job for you.

You can access the customer section where you can visualize the active services and you can also configure everything you need: email addresses, databases, FTP accounts, subdomains, etc.

What does web hosting mean?2021-11-26T20:57:43+02:00

The web hosting service allows both individuals and legal entities to have a website accessible on the Internet.

Companies that provide such services equip customers with shared or dedicated technical resources of a server with Internet access so that the customer’s website is visible on the global Internet. A server is a powerful computer, which has the capacity to store and present the websites of multiple customers and has a very strong Internet connection, able to deliver requests from the browser or other systems.

In addition to the storage space on the server, we provide you with other facilities, such as: domains, email addresses, visitor reports, various scripts, and much more.

What kind of Web Hosting plan do I need?2021-11-26T20:57:46+02:00

In order to choose the best web guide you have to pay attention on the type of site you want to upload online. For simple presentation sites our pakage standard hosting hub is most suitable for your needs with a very good quality at a great price.

It also depends whether you need a solution for e-commerce, other aplications, how many users you expect to acces your site, who is administrating your website and many more. If you already know what you need you can choose one of our web hosting packages. For a higher performance you can also use virtual servers.

When in doubt don’t hesitate contacting us on chat or via contact form. We will check out your necessities and help you right away.




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